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About Florida Lakes Spa

About The Practice 

Florida Lakes Spa is the sole aesthetic and wellness center serving the Sebring, Florida area. With numerous options for skin improvement and maintenance, the practice offers patients the opportunity to boost their self-image and improve their health at the same time. 

Florida Lakes Spa uses the latest technologies by Cartessa Aesthetics™ and Allergan to painlessly improve skin elasticity and firmness, remove body hair, and minimize unfavorable features like hyperpigmentation and large pores. The team uses the Subnovii plasma pen, and VirtueRF microneedling system to improve skin structure with natural collagen production. 

Another Cartessa device, the Motus AY laser, is available for swift, pain-free, and irritation-free laser hair removal(as well as pigmented & vascular legions.) While the Motus AY laser specializes in removing body hair from small & large areas, it isn’t always the best option for facial hair. To finish off the look, we also offer brow-tinting(with complimentary wax,) and lash tinting.

Skin care services are a high priority for patients of all ages visiting Florida Lakes Spa. With DiamondGlow™(dermabrasion,) dermaplaning, facials, and peels, patients can rejuvenate their skin at any age. Other advanced treatments address varicose veins & spider-veins, like VenaSeal™ and Varithena®.

Chemical peels like the VI peel, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peel, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) peel, and organic peel by Eminence exfoliate the skin to remove impurities and damage from the surface layers. Similarly, facials like our Florida Lakes Facial, anti-aging, acne, gentlemen's, and back facials can renew a healthy and nourished glow for skin of almost any type. 

Florida Lakes Spa offers personalized weight management services emphasizing nutrition for patients who strive to better their general health and wellness. These services aim for long-term results rather than quick results that don’t always last. 

To schedule a skin health, hair removal, or weight management consultation, call Florida Lakes Spa today or book an appointment online right away.